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Climate change and demographic growth will double the water demand by 2030 (UN). More than 3.9 billion people may suffer from the lack of water by 2040 (OECD), especially those less well off.

To address that challenge, Marc Vergnet and Maxime Haudebourg created Mascara Renewable Water, a company specializing in innovative water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energy to produce affordable drinking water for everyone.

The first development phase resulted in the industrialization of OSMOSUN®, the world’s first product range of seawater desalination based on sunshine power only. OSMOSUN® offers, from Mascara patented technologies, solar desalination plants that run without battery, producing a daily capacity of 1 to 600 m3 of fresh drinking water.


Besides being among well-known beauty products and an innovative company, Mascara was originally the name of a beautiful village in the Algerian Atlas. We share special affinities with that village. Mascara is the home town of one of our founders, who drank plenty of the brackish, slightly salty water that supplied the region back then. Little did he know then, the lack of fresh drinking water in his youth would be the platform of his future endeavors.



Marc has been involved for 40 years in research, development, and industrialization of water, solar, and wind power systems.

His early professional years in Africa in the field of Agricultural Engineering of Water and Forests enabled him to reframe real operational issues. His French administrative position of representative allowed him to explore the technical renewable energy field and its promises.

Marc Vergnet holds 18 patents including the Vergnet hydro-pump that supplies 60 million people with drinking water, and anti-cyclonic wind technologies implemented with up to 1 MW of installed power. The creation and management of Vergnet Group (water supply and solar and wind energy) for 24 years have further increased Marc’s experience in these industrial activities with particular awareness for the maintenance operations for often difficult conditions in remote areas.


After a few years as an electro-technical and automatic systems university professor, Maxime created, developed, and managed an automatic systems engineering and industrial maintenance consulting firm. He left the company to start a research project on non-conventional energies in a scientific research center in India, which enabled him to become a renewable energy expert and consultant. Maxime started another venture designing and manufacturing special mechanical equipment for the agri-food sector, as well as reverse osmosis water treatment facilities, both targeting developing countries and farmer-processors in France.

With more than 30 years of the creation and management of enterprises in various sectors in France and abroad, Maxime initiated many projects in mechanics, hydraulics, renewable energy and industrial computing.

“This dream to provide affordable and renewable water for everyone has been enabled by the outstanding progress in solar energy and desalination technologies. We took up the challenge, for the first time in the world, to combine these two technologies. And we did it!”
Marc Vergnet

Co-founder and CEO, Mascara Renewable Water


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