Mascara wishes you a Happy New Year 2019

23 December 2018

We  thank you for your collaboration and trust in 2018

and  we look forward to developing impactful projects together in 2019

In 2018, we are proud of having enabled the fresh water supply for more than 7.200 inhabitants in Mozambique by installing 6 OSMOSUN®  BW solar desalination brackish water units.

These reverse osmosis BWRO OSMOSUN® equipments provide from 20 to 30m3 of fresh water per day, fully autonomous, off-grid and without battery, by means of their photovoltaic solar generators.

The fresh water supply of these decentralised units offers a significant improvement in living conditions for this rural population: reduced travel distance for water access (7km in average before our project), strong decrease of waterborne diseases’ spread…

Our complete range of solar desalination units has a daily fresh water capacity from 10 up to 5.000 m3.

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