In Oman, the community of Fathkait, Dhofar is provided with drinking water
OSMOSUN® 3 BW unit with the view of the installation of solar panels

OSMOSUN® 3 BW unit – Oman, Fathkait community

The OSMOSUN® 3 BW unit producing 21 m3 of clean water per day operating only with solar energy, without batteries.




MASDAR has financed and installed 50 MW of wind power in Oman. In this momentum MASDAR financed the OSMOSUN® 3 BW water production unit of Mascara NT which produces 21 m3 per day of drinking water for the population of the community of Fathkait, Dhofar in the desert of Oman. A project with the on-site relay and the participation of Mazoon FAHOUD Trading Ltd.


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