View of Paparang Island also known as the Indonesian Archipelago in Indonesia
Aerial view by drone of the OSMOSUN® 0.7 SW unit

OSMOSUN® 0.7 SW unit – Paparang Island in Indonesia

The OSMOSUN® 0.7 SW unit producing 5m3 of clean water per day operating only with solar energy, without batteries – Plus ice.




Mascara NT with the help of Akuo Energy Indonesia has installed an OSMOSUN® 0.7 SW unit on the island of Paparang. The production is double 5m3/day in complete autonomy of fresh water and ice. The unit is powered by a coastal borehole and enables a community of 1000 people to be able to consume drinking water every day for all purposes, drinking, cooking, ice storage of peaches and local cultivation. A project financed by Atmosfair and which took place over a period of 4 months for the installation of the technical unit on site.


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