English article – Photos carrées côte à côte

26 May 2021

Since July 2018, 7.200 inhabitants of 6 villages in the province of Gaza, in southern Mozambique, have daily access to drinking water by means of OSMOSUN® brackish water solar desalination plants, designed and installed by Mascara, in each of these villages.

This program, funded and carried out by the Belgian Cooperation Agency Enabel, is considered as a reference for water supply in rural areas. Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium decided therefore on 5 February 2019 to visit one of the villages benefiting from the program.

An example of cooperation

Mascara implemented the design and the manufacturing of these 6 units in record time of 3 months in its workshops in Chartres. Vergnet Hydro SAS and its local partner Afridev Mati Mozambique Lda ensured the plants’ field commissioning and water supply.

This program constitutes a real hope for safe water supply for thousands of rural villages in Mozambique and Africa.

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