Mascara’s solar desalination technology winner of the innovation award

11 December 2018

Selected among more than 500 companies benefiting from French Government’s future investment program for promising SMEs, Mascara Renewable Water won the innovation award in the category Land, Water and Marine Ecosystems .

An innovative program of clean solar desalination without chemicals

Presented by the French Central Investment Secretariat, this prize rewards Mascara Renewable Water’s innovative program of clean solar desalination without chemicals : ECO SOLAR DESALINATION.

Chosen by experts from the French Agency of Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the Public Investment Bank (BPI), this ECODESS program represents the continuity of the initial Investing for the Future project, allowing the industrialization of the OSMOSUN® solar desalination small capacity units in Abu Dhabi and Bora-Bora.

With this renewed support aiming a significant increase of the OSMOSUN® units’ capacity on the one hand and the development of a chemical-free and effective pretreatment chain on the other, Mascara Renewable Water pursues its vision of a green desalination enabling an access to affordable pure drinking water, for everyone and everywhere.