Innovative technology for people and the planet


The world first : powered only by solar energy, without battery

Specific consumption among the lowest in the world : 2,5kwh/m3 produced in Bora Bora (seawater at 35g/L)

Sturdy, durable and automatic : reliable water supply with no repeated breakdowns over a 20 year life span


The innovative process patented by Mascara Renewable Water enables a flexible functioning of the reverse osmosis desalination unit.

The process :

  • Adapts to instantly and automatically optimize flow, pressure and recovery rates to the variable solar power
  • Monitors the key parameter of the membrane lifespan* (8 to 10 years) by smoothing out the flow and pressure variations thanks to an hydraulic accumulator and a night-time automatic fresh water membrane flushing
  • Optimizes the energy consumption (2,5KWh/m3 for seawater with a salinity of 35g/liter) with an efficient energy recovery device (96 %)
  • Optimizes the solar production with a patented DC /AC inverter with variable frequencies, including the MPPT (Maximum Power Production Tracking)
  • Ensures permanent remote monitoring

The result is impressive : « The OSMOSUN® lives to the rhythm of the sun »

*Development with the European Membrane Institute (IEM)

THE MAJOR INNOVATION: smart and simultaneous management system of all the parameters by the membranes according to the solar energy available.

Mascara Renewable Water engineers have developed an intelligent set of stabilization parameters. At any given moment, at all times, all parameters are instantly optimized to ensure the production of water with the best energy performance while guaranteeing the maximum lifespan of the installation. The intelligent set of membranes plays a role of the master of spontaneous self-management to all of these parameters, and in particular, the pressure. Drinking water production varies with available solar power accordingly.

Patented principle of simultaneous and intelligent management of all parameters according to solar power: Conversion rate, flow rate, pressure as a function of temperature and salinity of water.



Mascara Renewable Water was started on a technological innovation: OSMOSUN®, the outcome of 3 years of research and development.

The DEMOS project, supported by ADEME, is the research and development program that led to the industrialization of OSMOSUN®.

The DNA of Mascara is to propose innovations to address the challenges of the world today in a reliable and lasting way. Our engineering teams are constantly looking for new technical solutions and improvements to our existing OSMOSUN® units to keep innovating and offering renewable water supply alternatives to communities suffering from hydric stress.

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